I'm back if no one noticed... i've never really gotten into LJ a lot but maybe i can start now...
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out of banishment finally!

im am so happy now, ive been able to go onto DA again and so far from what i've seen it seems that Zutara really is still alvive and im glad to see it, although im not sure if we still have the same passion as before to really keep on being our same Zutarian selves, but i no longer fear for Zutara, its happening no matter what, although i find myself deeply hurt that there are some of us who are not as keen to be on our ship as before. either way Zutara will happen i know it is and i still havn't heard the latest podcast but i don't think i need to i can feel it with my heart, Zutara will be cannon, cuz fannon is not good enough and Aang isn't good enough for Katara, and Mai isn't good enough for Zuko.
Zutara its my antidrug.
were going for the win
hold on cuz its gonna be a wild ride!

:( banishment i wonder how Zuko did it

i feel in exile since i can't really do anything but watch things unfold, oh well thing will clear up i know it
sigh i feel alot like Zuko,
expept i don't have to redeem anything, or do i?
no im sure i don't, Comic con is coming but i need to know for sure WHEN Avatar will be there. sigh see ya all later.

(no subject)

yeah any news for the banished?
lol! no im not really banished i still have an account on DA and everything its just that my computer is offically broken, my moms on an emotional rampage, my friends are being stretched out, my fellow Zutarian is upset at the hypocrisy flying around and so far the mood of the Zutarians are disallusioned and upset (no offense) and so far Avidzkjo has made enourmously long essays about the comic, The trivulate of doom (did i spell that right) have gotten they're podcast out and have spoiled it for the remaining zutarians (like my friend) so yeah its tough right now.
but on a brighter note
i was talking to a psychiatrist yesterday and she said that the only advice she can give is to keep faith, she was also very supportive of our ship, and said that being called fierce passionate and tenatious were very beautiful ways to describe someone so yeah,
from a professional view- Zutara is the way!

next time...

hopefully i'll be able to write at home but idk, my internet there has been acting up, its taking hours for the pages to load so i might not be on until later, but nonetheless i am still here and i am still fiery Zutarian-don't believe me? just ask my friends they'll tell you about my art rampage! im drawin Zutara pictures constantly as well as drawing the very fun and popular Avatar Meme, by Neko and Reggie, so i am praying that comes in soon! well lots of luv
stay strong
Zutara will prevail
and we shall be passionate until we die
Liz Mary O,
Zutara-its more than just a pairing.

so about next time.....

Yes so hopefully i will be able to go online today. Though i am crestfallen the Trivulate of Doom (the TZO organizers) have failed to support us and have gone offline to mourn our "loss" we (meaning, Irohsdragon, myself, and KyokoMari) will publish our thoughts and rreasoning against the magizine.

and hope fully if a certain dragon hurries up *poke*poke* my pictures that i have been dying to upload and post, will be delivered to my inbox today.
remember who we are:

(no subject)

Okay so good news! I will be able to update this account here at school! :D i am very glad, although i wish that i was able to DA but DA is blocked, LJ is not so i am basking in the current loophole to the school's security, however it comes at a price- the communities on LJ are blocked, so i can update my account, i can comment other peoples journals, i can see the journals posted by the communities im in, but i can't go to the communities direct site. sucks doesn't it? Oh well at least im on here and can dimly monitor our situation.
Me and Irohsdragon, and Fonz2 have been speaking about this whole situation, its not pretty but we've come to a few conclusions:
1. We are still Zutarian supporters- if not with a greater passion now.
2. We are still going to Comic Con-given im not missing this for the world though our party list is growing.
3. I, the great waterbender that i am, will give Mike and Bryan a little piece of my mind at SDCC-nothing major exept if ur Mike and Bryan (watch out for steaming waterbenders)
4. What they did was very unforgivable- to me it was offensive even, they must pay a small price for the tears of my Zutarian comrades, and thus they will be soaked
5. Get ready because my Zutarian wrath has not began, expect pics, theories, debates, and minor ship bashing, Kataangers get the heck out of here (goes to Maiko as well)
6. We must reasest our condition. We don't know how many Zutarians are left after this (hopefully at least half) since I know that some of the people i've admired have left, but Zutara will prevail.
*********minor spoilers**************
7. Zutara is alive, it is i know it, the interview-lies, lies, lies. Zutara "dark and intruiging"? I don't think so, isn't that what we've labled Kataang as? (or at least i did). Zutara not lasting long? last time i checked Zutara would have lasted long after death-Zutara is endless, both as cannon and fannon. Besides Kataang is so boring, its nothing to the greatness that Kataang could ever achieve. I mean if Zutara had happened in the season finale would Ba Sing Se have fallen to Azula? if Aang (kataang) never inturrupted the meeting of destiny Ba Sing Se would have been free and Dai Lee free and the eclipse would have suceeded and everyone would have been happy but no, choose the hard way and that is what Kataang is- the hard way to live life.

im here again

but it might be a while before i come back, no its not because of the comic, though i wish it was, but because my moms coming back home today,yup my playtime is over back to coming on once a week (if im lucky) and constant supervision, regardless, my work will be posted on here and DA regardless of spoilers and any other random crap that threatens to show up, hope to see you all soon,

Helloooooo to all of you!

Yay! so im on LJ now since DA is ggoing to be overrun by spoilers soon and i want to preserve my Zutaraness spoiler free!whooo! so onto my first Journal entry. I believ that for these thing it is best to start off with an intro!!
So who am i?
Liz-mary-o here and on DA
Lizita (and other names)on Myspace (specifically the Zutara group, where you can see that i kinda took over ;p)
M15ZL1Z on you tube,
and im working on going to fan fiction soon
I am mexican
I am a freshman at GPA!! whoo!
I am 15 years old!!
I am a nerd!! (and a proud on at that!)
I am an Avatard but most importantly....

as well as a Zuko fan girl ;)

what i like to do:
read, write, draw, sow, watch avatar, debate kataangers (BTW to all of those Kataangers: Zutara is still going to happen) eat, watch tv, spazz out, im people share my Zutara knowledge
answer mysteries and a whole bunch of random crap.

where am i?
California baby!
whooo in der Nahe von San Diego!! (yes i speak a bit of german get over it) Ha! in my lovley O'side! by the beach! in the fun in the sun :D where we run to work our buns (lol randomness)
sigh, yes such is my life well i gotta go be back later!!
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My Random IM conversation (Some of my Zutara views)

Okay so here is an Im conversation i had with my best Zutarians buddies, irohsdragon and Fonz2 on DA yesterday, lol take at look at my current spazztic stage ant tell what you think.
irohsdragon didn't really say much but i felt bad about leaving him out (hes my best friend) so i kept him here links to the sites that we were watching/talking about are at the bottom as well as my after thoughts
this is the rough writings of our conversation, i have only changed our screennames for anonmilty puroses, if you don't understand some things chances are that its because we weren't really paying attention to our spelling or grammar-deal with it.
this is a conversation, my opinions and views are expressed here, don't agree with me i don't care, flame for my views but i still stick by them, if you would like to debate them, i am right here go ahead (i can bend them back! or douse them with water), Zutara lives! enjoy!

[21:22] Liz_mary_o: has joined the chat
[21:22] irohsdragon: ~0_0~
[21:22] Fonz2: Hey there
[21:22] irohsdragon: hola
[21:22] Fonz2: ID, you watching the vid?
[21:22] irohsdragon: ya
[21:22] irohsdragon: lol
[21:22] irohsdragon: BRAIN DAMAGE
[21:22] Liz_mary_o: i love that part
[21:23] Liz_mary_o: r u joining us at Live journal?
[21:24] Fonz2: Like, Azulon and Roku are so hot together.
[21:24] Liz_mary_o: lol
[21:24] Liz_mary_o: u there Fonz
[21:26] Fonz2: Probably not
[21:27] Liz_mary_o: ur not going to join us on livejournal?
[21:28] Liz_mary_o: ID u there?
[21:28] Fonz2: I don't have one
[21:29] irohsdragon: ya
[21:29] Liz_mary_o: get one! i did
[21:29] Fonz2: What'd you thing of the vid?
[21:29] irohsdragon: how!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!
[21:29] Liz_mary_o: how wat?
[21:30] Fonz2: ????
[21:30] irohsdragon: do you get one?!?!?!?!?
[21:30] Liz_mary_o: go to livejournal
[21:30] irohsdragon: k
[21:31] Liz_mary_o: click on the jion now button
[21:32] Fonz2: So...Zutara...will it win?
[21:32] Fonz2: brb...I'm gonna get some ice cream
[21:32] Liz_mary_o: k
[21:35] Fonz2: Yo
[21:35] Liz_mary_o: u there?
[21:35] Fonz2: Yup
[21:36] Fonz2: @_@ Kind of why I said yo
[21:36] Fonz2: Anyways...your answers.
[21:36] Liz_mary_o: wat answers?
[21:38] Fonz2: Zutara...will it win?
[21:38] Fonz2: And why
[21:38] Liz_mary_o: yes
[21:38] Fonz2: T_T Where's my Pokemon CD
[21:39] Fonz2: ?
[21:39] Liz_mary_o: what CD?
[21:39] Liz_mary_o: and why Zutara is going to happen>
[21:39] Liz_mary_o: Fonz do you mean t tell me that your memory of Zutara evidence has been eareased
[21:39] Fonz2: Yup
[21:40] Liz_mary_o: NOOOO
[21:40] Liz_mary_o: comeback Fonz!
[21:40] Fonz2: No
[21:40] Fonz2: I just want your opinions on why
[21:40] Liz_mary_o Ok
[21:40] Liz_mary_o: then
[21:40] Liz_mary_o get ready
[21:40] Liz_mary_o: to read
[21:41] Liz_mary_o: 1. The balance
[21:41] Liz_mary_o: Zuko and katara have a unique sense of balance to them
[21:41] Liz_mary_o: they create a much different aura around them that i've never seen with Kataang
[21:41] Fonz2: *Nod*
[21:42] Liz_mary_o: Each one of them have traits that are parallel to a certain extent with the other
[21:42] Liz_mary_o: both have a deep passion to thier cultures
[21:42] Liz_mary_o: and deep understanding of the world they live in
[21:43] Liz_mary_o: and compassion to those around them
[21:43] Liz_mary_o: they arn't the type to tunr thier backs on the needt
[21:44] Liz_mary_o: and know to sacrifice thier needs for the good of others
[21:44] Fonz2: =D.
[21:44] Fonz2: =D>*
[21:45] Liz_mary_o: 2 thier love story
[21:45] Fonz2: :D
[21:45] Liz_mary_o: The Zutara Canon Story definatly exceeds all of the other love ones around
[21:46] Liz_mary_o: i mean does Romeo ever try to kill Juliet
[21:46] irohsdragon: omg guess who just added me on there friends list!!!
[21:46] Liz_mary_o: who?
[21:46] irohsdragon: AVidZktjo
[21:46] Liz_mary_o: YAY!!!
[21:46] Fonz2: *High five*
[21:46] Liz_mary_o: on DA
[21:47] Liz_mary_o: ?
[21:49] irohsdragon: aang : katara how could you katara : it was just a friendly hug i still love you- aang : katara it is, it is -blue marker : to late to aplogize it's to late
[21:49] irohsdragon: i love that so much
[21:49] Liz_mary_o: me too
[21:50] irohsdragon: u saw the vid right??
[21:50] Fonz2: Yup
[21:50] Fonz2: She's crazy, seriously
[21:50] irohsdragon: :)
[21:50] irohsdragon: ))))
[21:50] irohsdragon: ))))))))))))
[21:50] Fonz2: O_O*
[21:50] Fonz2: You guys really liked it
[21:50] Liz_mary_o: yeah an her vid is downloaded!
[21:50] Liz_mary_o: i gots it now
[21:51] Fonz2: You downloaded?
[21:51] Liz_mary_o: so any time you need a laugh.....
[21:51] Liz_mary_o: oh mai how i miss you you were so emo!! just like me
[21:51] Liz_mary_o: lol
[21:54] Liz_mary_o: so ID where did Avidzkjo friend you ? DA or Youtube?
[21:56] irohsdragon: oh we were talking about her new vid special
[21:56] Fonz2: Oooh...
[21:56] Liz_mary_o: on youtube or where?
[21:57] irohsdragon: youtube
[21:57] Fonz2: Cool
[21:57] Liz_mary_o: oh cool
[21:58] Liz_mary_o: so who's winning?
[22:00] irohsdragon: night ~0_0~
[22:00] Fonz2: @_@
[22:01] Fonz2: So, continue your theory
[22:02] Liz_mary_o: ok then where did i leave off?
[22:03] Fonz2: Romeo and Juliet
[22:05] Liz_mary_o: oh yeah!
[22:05] Liz_mary_o: well you don't see that kind of development where they start off as real enimies and then realize that there's more to life than war
[22:06] Liz_mary_o: and that it doesn't mater where they're from or what side they grew up in
[22:06] Liz_mary_o: they are two individuals who have thier own views
[22:07] Liz_mary_o: that are not based on someones nationality
[22:07] Liz_mary_o: nothing so far has ever come across that!!
[22:07] Liz_mary_o: i don't even think Pride and Prejudice has
[22:07] Liz_mary_o: but hen again i've not read the book so i might be wrong
[22:08] Fonz2: *Nod*
[22:08] Liz_mary_o: 3. thier pride
[22:08] Liz_mary_o: OMG this is what i love the most
[22:08] Liz_mary_o: its the way they are the way they fight
[22:09] Liz_mary_o: the way they seem to complete their own thoughts while in differents places
[22:09] Liz_mary_o: its very nice
[22:10] Fonz2: They're...TWINS!
[22:10] Liz_mary_o: there is alot of antagonism that has been put in froont of them that makes the relationship almost
[22:10] Liz_mary_o: mystical and devine, because it is complete
[22:10] Liz_mary_o: i don't think they would ever be deprived of anything
[22:11] Liz_mary_o: Sheesh they even have ninjas now !! its not lacking in
[22:11] Fonz2: Divine*
[22:11] Fonz2: Ah
[22:11] Liz_mary_o: thier personalities or anything
[22:12] Liz_mary_o: i really do believe that Zutara is devine
[22:12] Fonz2: *Nod*
[22:12] Liz_mary_o: yes so
[22:12] Liz_mary_o: devine
[22:12] Liz_mary_o: the divinity of Zutara
[22:12] Fonz2: Anything else?
[22:13] Liz_mary_o: that is just so awesome its like a gem in the rough
[22:13] Liz_mary_o: it may look crappy on the outside
[22:13] Liz_mary_o: (the betrayal, the lies, the war)
[22:13] Liz_mary_o: but when you take the time to scrape it down
[22:13] Liz_mary_o: polish it
[22:14] Liz_mary_o: cut to the right angle
[22:14] Liz_mary_o: you have
[22:14] Liz_mary_o: a magnificent sparking object of beauty, and quality
[22:14] Fonz2: *Scrape*
[22:14] Fonz2: *Polish*
[22:14] Fonz2: *Cut*
[22:15] Liz_mary_o: yes Zutara is so precious
[22:16] Fonz2: Don't go Gollum on me
[22:17] Liz_mary_o: huh?
[22:17] Liz_mary_o: who's that?
[22:18] Fonz2: Gollum, from Lord of the Rings
[22:18] Liz_mary_o: ok
[22:18] Liz_mary_o: *is starig since she has never seen Lord of the Rings*
[22:19] Fonz2: Nvrmnd
[22:19] Liz_mary_o: *still stares*
[22:19] Liz_mary_o: ok
[22:19] Liz_mary_o: then back to what i was saying
[22:19] Fonz2: Yeah
[22:20] Liz_mary_o: ok so yeah the antagonism!!!
[22:20] Liz_mary_o: i think that is something crucial to have in a relationship
[22:21] Liz_mary_o: i mean it good if you find someone who is like you
[22:21] Liz_mary_o: but what if its too much like you?
[22:21] Fonz2: Yup
[22:21] Liz_mary_o: then your relationship would get boring
[22:22] Liz_mary_o: there would only be agreements and after a longwhile of that then they's no fun
[22:23] Fonz2: Exactly
[22:24] Liz_mary_o: so that is what would happen to kataang
[22:25] Liz_mary_o: after it stopped being "fluffy and innocent" (blech!gag!ewww) it would become more of "yes katara" all the time
[22:25] Liz_mary_o: and become both would become slaves to themselves
[22:26] Fonz2: I see
[22:26] Fonz2: "Yes ma'am!"
[22:26] Liz_mary_o: and would not be able to accept true love
[22:26] Fonz2: *High five* Good job
[22:27] Liz_mary_o: well okay
[22:27] Liz_mary_o: so Zutara
[22:27] Liz_mary_o: has enough antagonism, and wit to carry on hence Katara and Zuko in Ember island players
[22:28] Liz_mary_o: i don't think she's done something like that before with Aang
[22:28] Fonz2: Nope
[22:28] Liz_mary_o: good more power to my point
[22:29] Liz_mary_o: so yeah Zutara has the right chemistry to las tlonger than Kataag could ever be
[22:30] Fonz2: =D>
[22:30] Liz_mary_o: so yeah next point
[22:31] Liz_mary_o: what number am i on?
[22:32] Fonz2: More?
[22:32] Liz_mary_o: of course they'res more
[22:32] Liz_mary_o: i havn't even discussed
[22:33] Liz_mary_o: the real evidence, the odepidal complex
[22:33] Liz_mary_o: and the oh so common teenage hormones
[22:33] Liz_mary_o: lol
[22:34] Liz_mary_o: so what # am i on do you know i lost count
[22:34] Fonz2: 5?
[22:34] Liz_mary_o: sigh let me check
[22:36] Liz_mary_o: 1 balance
[22:36] Liz_mary_o: 2. love story
[22:36] Liz_mary_o: 3pride
[22:36] Liz_mary_o: /anagonism
[22:36] Fonz2: 4.Kataang
[22:36] Liz_mary_o: is it really?
[22:36] Liz_mary_o: i suppose it is
[22:37] Liz_mary_o: ok
[22:37] Liz_mary_o: now i got the next point
[22:37] Liz_mary_o: 5. Songs!!!
[22:37] Liz_mary_o: Have you heard the songs!
[22:38] Liz_mary_o: like this one
[22:38] Liz_mary_o: "Two lovers, forbidden from one another, a war divides thier people, and a mountain divides thier home, so they buitl secret tunels!
[22:39] Liz_mary_o: and met one another in
[22:39] Fonz2: ????
[22:40] Liz_mary_o: lovley song
[22:41] Liz_mary_o: Yes it sounds like our Zutara
[22:41] Fonz2: Huh
[22:41] Liz_mary_o: Two lovers
[22:41] Liz_mary_o: (zuko and Katara)
[22:41] Liz_mary_o: Forrbidden from one another.
[22:41]Liz_mary_o: (by aang, Sokka, Azula, mai, and the others)
[22:41] Fonz2: I was about to ask
[22:41] Fonz2: Yup
[22:42] Liz_mary_o: A war divides thier people
[22:42] Liz_mary_o: yeah i think they metion that they are both from enimy sides of a war
[22:44] Fonz2: Yup
[22:46] Liz_mary_o: and a mountain divides them apart
[22:46] Liz_mary_o: that was the words
[22:46] Liz_mary_o: but what could this mountain be?

[22:46] Liz_mary_o: Aang?
[22:46] Fonz2: Hm...Western Air Temple!
[22:46] Liz_mary_o: they're destinies?
[22:48] Liz_mary_o: hmmm
[22:48] Fonz2: Hm...
[22:48] Liz_mary_o: i think it is the need to restore balance to the world
[22:49] Liz_mary_o: the chance they have at normalacy,
[22:49] Liz_mary_o: Both with Aang
[22:50] Fonz2: Yup
[22:50] Liz_mary_o: Katara has to help him master all the elements
[22:50] Liz_mary_o: Zuko had to bring to his father to win back his honor
[22:51] Liz_mary_o: so they had a Mountain separating them further apart
[22:51] Fonz2: There we go
[22:52] Liz_mary_o: "built a path to be together"
[22:52] Liz_mary_o: so what sould that be?
[22:53] Liz_mary_o: in that episode we see that Oma and Shu first met on top of the mountain
[22:53] Liz_mary_o: so lets take a look
[22:53] Liz_mary_o: at ours
[22:53] Fonz2: Them connecting in the cave
[22:53] Fonz2: ours?
[22:53] Liz_mary_o: our mountain is the conflict of who gets to keep aang for thier own benifets
[22:54] Liz_mary_o: so how do they meet?
[22:54] Liz_mary_o: on top of the problem
[22:54] Liz_mary_o: on top of Zuko needing to bring Aang to the Fire nation, and Katara needing him to save the world
[22:55] Liz_mary_o: so there's a part of the path fixed
[22:55] Fonz2: Yup
[22:55] Fonz2: And it keeps getting paved because their destinies are intwined.
[22:56] Liz_mary_o: no
[22:56] Liz_mary_o: next part
[22:56] Liz_mary_o: well yes in this part yes
[22:56] Fonz2: Fine
[22:57] Liz_mary_o: since after the begining they met more than once with the same problem but then the next part
[22:57] Liz_mary_o: of the song after
[22:58] Liz_mary_o: "yeah and i forget the next couple lines, but secret tunel! secret tunell"
[22:58] Liz_mary_o: it goes
[22:59] Liz_mary_o: "Secret tunell, through the mountains, secret, secret, secret tunnel!
[22:59] Liz_mary_o: so wht does it mean?
[22:59] Fonz2: Of cpurse
[22:59] Fonz2: course*
[23:00] Liz_mary_o: if over the mountain is on top of the problems
[23:00] Liz_mary_o: then this means, that they got past the biggest problems
[23:00] Fonz2: *Shrug*
[23:00] Liz_mary_o: to get to each other souls,
[23:00] Liz_mary_o: and to learn about themselves
[23:00] Liz_mary_o: in a way that they have never done so before
[23:01] Fonz2: You're having epiphonies, aren't you?
[23:03] Liz_mary_o: yes actually it happends when i start talking about this kinda stuff or when it flies by my face
[23:03] Fonz2: ^_^*
[23:04] Liz_mary_o: yes so don't laugh im not done yet
[23:06] Fonz2: I'm not laughing
[23:06] Liz_mary_o: i still have a few lines to go such as the rest of the secret tunells
[23:07] Fonz2: ^_^*
[23:07] Liz_mary_o: did the gaang find out all of the Zuko-Katara interactions?
[23:07] Liz_mary_o: i don't think so
[23:08] Liz_mary_o: they didn't even know what had happened between them in the Crystal caves
[23:08] Liz_mary_o: lol
[23:08] Fonz2: Nope!
[23:09] Fonz2: Hence- secret
[23:09] Liz_mary_o: (you know that i am very tempted to call the crystal cave the Cave of Two lovers now)
[23:09] Liz_mary_o: lol
[23:09] Liz_mary_o: so yeah not even we know everything that happened
[23:10] Fonz2: Exactly
[23:13] Liz_mary_o: so that is pretty much it for that song
[23:13] Liz_mary_o: Next one
[23:13] Liz_mary_o: Iroh's song of the North
[23:13] Fonz2: Secret Tunnel!
[23:13] Liz_mary_o: wat?
[23:16] Liz_mary_o: ?
[23:16] Liz_mary_o: what about the tunnel?
[23:16] Fonz2: I don't know, felt like saying that
[23:16] Liz_mary_o: oh ok
[23:16] Liz_mary_o: then next song
[23:18] Liz_mary_o: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, four Seasons, Four Loves
[23:18] Liz_mary_o: four seasons four loves,
[23:18] Liz_mary_o: very vauge
[23:18] Fonz2: You told me your theory for this one
[23:18] Liz_mary_o: i did
[23:19] Liz_mary_o: i think i got a new one
[23:19] Liz_mary_o: i think it has something to do with the canon ships
[23:19] Liz_mary_o: or future canon ships
[23:19] Fonz2: Okay
[23:19] Fonz2: Do tell
[23:20] Liz_mary_o: i think that winter, would have to be Maiko, Jetara, and Yuekka
[23:20] Liz_mary_o: they hurt and last a while
[23:20] Fonz2: K
[23:20] Liz_mary_o: and are very cold
[23:21] Liz_mary_o: and spring would have to be Taang, and Kataang
[23:21] Liz_mary_o: they are new and young
[23:21] Liz_mary_o: and have a large probabitity
[23:21] Liz_mary_o: of not lasting long
[23:22] Fonz2: Ah
[23:22] Fonz2: Okay, so, Taang and Kataang
[23:22] Fonz2: do explain
[23:22] Liz_mary_o: Taang
[23:22] Liz_mary_o: is the youngest ship here
[23:22] Liz_mary_o: since it involves the youngest of the group
[23:23] Fonz2: Yup
[23:23] Liz_mary_o: the theory of love in your preteens and teens
[23:23] Liz_mary_o: seems to suggest that they do not last and are they first
[23:24] Liz_mary_o: renewal
[23:24] Liz_mary_o: type thing
[23:24] Liz_mary_o: where it grows a new life
[23:24] Liz_mary_o: and is very fresh, innocent
[23:24] Fonz2: Okay, First Love aspect
[23:24] Fonz2: Yup
[23:24] Liz_mary_o: and that stuff
[23:24] Fonz2: Yup
[23:24] Liz_mary_o: to which Kataang has the name, being aangs firrst love blah blah blah
[23:25] Liz_mary_o: Taang although not being the fisrt would definately be considerd young
[23:25] Liz_mary_o: due to thier age
[23:25] Fonz2: Yup
[23:26] Liz_mary_o: and so far has the highest probability of one of the members dying in the grand finale
[23:26] Fonz2: Summer?
[23:26] Liz_mary_o: that being toph
[23:26] Liz_mary_o: and Summer
[23:27] Liz_mary_o: summer goes without saying- its the longest of them all
[23:27] Liz_mary_o: the hottest and the one that is the brightest
[23:27] Liz_mary_o: which would undoubtably be Zutara
[23:28] Fonz2: Yup
[23:28] Liz_mary_o: so Fall
[23:29] Liz_mary_o: Fall is the end of summer and the begining of Winter
[23:29] Liz_mary_o: it is Sukka
[23:29] Liz_mary_o: it came before winter-yuekka
[23:30] Liz_mary_o: and is still hot
[23:30] Liz_mary_o: still bright
[23:30] Liz_mary_o: but not as bright as summer
[23:30] Fonz2: Yup
[23:30] Fonz2: Not as lively, either
[23:31] Liz_mary_o: yeah so
[23:31] Fonz2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXc0ARqZRW8&feature=related I feel like making you emo.
[23:31] Liz_mary_o: those are the four seasonal loves
[23:31] Liz_mary_o: and what is that?
[23:31] Liz_mary_o: oh lol
[23:31] Liz_mary_o: lol
[23:32] Liz_mary_o: lol
[23:32] Liz_mary_o: ah Fonz
[23:33] Liz_mary_o: sometimes i do wonder
[23:33] Fonz2: Just watch it
[23:34] Fonz2: g2g
[23:34] Fonz2: Have to get up early for the rummage sale tomorrow
[23:34] Liz_mary_o: ok then i'll finish up tomorrow
[23:34] Liz_mary_o: bye
lol so the links if not presented up there are here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUtCTaNmcXw - Nikki's response to the NYCC trailer (about the markers and downloading)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcuQY9yOz2A- Avtar Fanvids at NYCC 2008 (sozinxroku, brain damage)

http://www.youtube.com/user/AVidZktjo- Avidzkjo's Youtube channel (added him as a friend)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eybMwNjGgU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ec5lV4Xf9U (Liz_mary_o: so who's ?-our video battle go watch and choose your fave,)

Two lovers song- Avatar Book Two, chapter two, the Cave of two lovers

4 loves song- Avatar Book One, chapter 18, the waterbending master

*** after thoughts
the ending where i start laughing is there because i was just about to start blabbering about the same song, and i was laughing at the fact that sometimes i tend to try or do the same things that other Zutarians have done (are we somehow connected O.O) and yeah i guess i'll blab later,
hope you enjoyed
see ya L8ters! :D